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Green-e Logos

You can download the Green-e program logos here. These logos do not indicate certification when used on electronic or printed materials, and are intended to be used for educational or editorial purposes only. Any other use of these logos is prohibited. If you have a Green-e Certified product and need the correct logos, or need logos in different file formats, contact Orrin Cook at orrin [at]

Green-e Logo

Green-e logo [200x243px jpg]
Green-e Logo [eps]

Green-e Climate Logo

Green-e Climate logo [608x145px jpg]
Green-e Climate Logo [eps]

Green-e Energy Logo

Green-e Energy logo [594x145px jpg]
Green-e Energy Logo [eps]

Green-e Marketplace Logo

Green-e Marketplace logo [909x145px jpg]
Green-e Marketplace Logo [eps]

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