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Stakeholder Input

Green-e relies on stakeholders to help develop appropriate standards that are consistent with program goals. CRS collects comments from stakeholders when it is considering substantive changes to the Green-e standards. There are also advisory stakeholder groups comprising representatives from environmental organizations, power marketers, renewable energy developers, carbon offset developers and marketers, energy and climate policy experts, and other interested parties. Any stakeholder can make recommendations for modifications to the standards to ensure that they remain consistent with changing circumstances and evolve with market conditions and to ensure the Green-e programs are practical and consistent with broader public policies.

Stakeholder Comments/Complaints

Center for Resource Solutions invites any stakeholder to submit comments on the Green-e programs, or on CRS's Standard Setting.

Any stakeholder has the right to register a complaint against CRS, its standards, its programs, and its policies. Please send an email to info [at] or call 415-561-2100.