Green-e    Look for the logo and reduce your impact

Green-e Programs

For over ten years, the nonprofit Center for Resources (CRS) has developed and implemented consumer-protection standards for the voluntary renewable energy market through the Green-e program. These standards mandate a rigorous accountability on retail products sold to consumers, bringing needed transparency to the industry that can bolster consumer confidence. Green-e has three programs:

  • Green-e Energy
    Green-e Energy is the nationís leading independent certification and verification program for renewable energy. This voluntary consumer-protection program verifies superior, certified renewable energy options offered by utilities and marketers in the retail market. Three types of renewable energy options are eligible for Green-e Energy certification: Competitive Electricity Products, Utility Green Pricing Programs, and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs).
  • Green-e Climate
    Green-e Climate is a voluntary certification program that sets consumer protection and environmental integrity standards for greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions (offsets) sold in the voluntary market. It provides a three-step verification and certification service to participating offset vendors to ensure that supply equals sales, GHG reductions are independently certified, and consumer disclosures are accurate and follow program guidelines. Where Green-e Energy certifies renewable energy, Green-e Climate certifies the sales of tons of carbon dioxide equivalent.

  • Green-e Marketplace
    Businesses, organizations, and events that purchase a qualifying amount of Green-e Energy Certified renewable energy (or generate power themselves) can license the Green-e logo for use in communications materials, advertising, and on-product packaging through Green-e Marketplace.