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Green-e Marketplace Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Green-e Marketplace?

A: Green-e Marketplace is a program that lets companies display the Green-e logo on their corporate communications, products and company collateral to communicate their commitment to clean, renewable energy and/or use carbon offsets.

Q: Why should I join Green-e Marketplace?

A: Green-e Marketplace provides forward-thinking companies with a simple, nationally recognized logo they can use to communicate their commitment to renewable energy to their customers and shareholders. The Green-e logo is the nation's leading symbol of renewable energy excellence and distinguishes Green-e Marketplace participants as environmental leaders.

Q: What are the program's requirements?

A: In order to qualify to participate in Green-e Marketplace, prospective clients must purchase and/or generate a qualifying amount of Green-e Energy certified renewable energy and/or carbon offsets. The minimum renewable energy purchasing requirements reflect those of the EPA's Green Power Partnership Leadership requirements and are outlined on page two of Annex B: Logo Use Terms and Conditions & Language Guidelines. Additionally, in order to use the logo on products that reflect their brand, 100 percent of the electricity used to manufacture the product must be met with Green-e Energy Certified renewable energy. Green-e Marketplace staff approves use of the logo on products on a case-by-case basis.

Q: What claims can I make about my renewable energy purchase?

A: Annex B: Logo Use Terms and Conditions & Language Guidelines outlines specific claims and commitment statements that can be made in conjunction with the Green-e logo. The program allows participating companies to make claims about their commitment to certified renewable energy as it relates to the electricity used in their headquarters, manufacturing processes, and/or entire operations. Green-e Marketplace also allows claims for greenhouse gas offsetting with activities that have clearly defined boundaries, including events, facilities, and vehicle fleets.

Q: What claims can't I make about my renewable energy purchase?

A: Green-e Marketplace does not endorse or approve any environmental claims not contained in Annex B: Logo Use Terms and Conditions & Language Guidelines. Companies that choose to make carbon equivalency or other environmental claims based on their purchase/generation of renewable energy are advised to always disclose the methodologies and research they used to justify those claims. Green-e Marketplace always encourages program participants to work with an independent third party to verify any corporate environmental claims.

Q: Can I use the Green-e logo on my printed materials if I purchase from a Green-e Certified paper company?

A: Only if your organization is also Green-e Marketplace certified.  At this time, Green-e Marketplace certification does not extend to companies purchasing certified products. Only organizations directly certified by Green-e Marketplace are authorized to display the Green-e logo.

Q: How do I obtain the Green-e logo?

A: Once Green-e Marketplace has certified your organization a representative will provide you with Green-e logo files.

Q: What claims can I make about the "carbon value" of my renewable energy purchase?

A: The carbon value of renewable energy is determined by calculating how many tons of greenhouse gasses are avoided through the use of clean renewable generation instead of fossil-fuel generation. If you purchase Green-e Energy Certified renewable energy, you can claim all the avoided emissions from an equivalent amount of your electricity use. In general, we endorse using the EPA's eGRID national emission rate to determine carbon value.

Q: What claims can't I make about the carbon value of my renewable energy purchase?

A: We do not endorse the idea that emissions generated from transportation can be offset with renewable energy certificates, though carbon offsets derived from renewable energy generation and certified by Green-e Climate are eligible.

We do not provide guidance on the calculation of carbon equivalencies (e.g. number of cars taken off the road, number of trees planted) from a renewable energy purchase, but instead defer to the EPA's Green Power Equivalency Calculator.

Q: As a consumer, how do I know the company displaying the Green-e logo has been certified by Green-e Marketplace?

A: Center for Resource Solutions maintains a regularly updated list of all Green-e Marketplace certified organizations, which is viewable online. Participants in the program must follow strict requirements when making claims about the environmental benefits of their products. If you have questions about the claims being made by an organization or believe a claim to be improper, or to report unauthorized use of the Green-e logo, please contact the Center for Resource Solutions at

Q: What is the difference between renewable energy certified under Green-e Energy and renewable energy certified under Green-e Climate?

A: Green-e Energy certifies renewable energy sold to consumers and businesses. Green-e Climate certifies the sale of greenhouse gas reductions ("carbon offsets") from various approved project types, one of which is renewable energy. Both renewable energy and carbon offset purchases can count toward Green-e Marketplace certification.

Q: Does Green-e Marketplace certify companies that have purchased offsets?

A: Green-e Marketplace can recognize events, vehicle fleets, and facilities that have purchased Green-e Climate Certified carbon offsets for 100% of their emissions. The program can also certify individual facilities or companies that have purchased renewable energy for their operations, or a combination of both carbon offsets and renewable energy.