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Green-e Climate Verification

Green-e Climate Verification consists of two main elements, the annual Verification Audit and the twice-yearly Marketing Compliance Review.

Green-e Climate Verification Documents

Reporting Year 2014

Set 1: Project-specific Sales (Sales by Project) Only Set 2: Sales of Fixed and/or Customized Mixes Only Set 3: Sales of Fixed and/or Customized Mixes AND Project-specific Sales


The Green-e Climate Verification Audit Protocol has been designed so to be easily followed by any qualified CPA (see the Audit Protocol for specific qualifications). The Auditors list includes those who have completed the audit in past years and have completed the Auditor Training Session with Green-e Climate Program staff (denoted by "Green-e Climate" under Program).

Green-e Climate Verification Training Videos

Training sessions are intended to supplement, not replace or reproduce, the detailed information and full instructions for participants provided in the Annual Verification Audit Instructions and for Auditors in the Annual Verification Audit Protocol. Participants and Auditors should read these documents carefully before completing the Green-e Climate Annual Verification Submission.

Reporting Year 2014

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