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Green-e Climate Verification

Green-e Climate Verification consists of two main elements, the annual Verification Audit and the twice-yearly Marketing Compliance Review.

Green-e Climate Verification

The Verification Process Audit requires providers of retail Green-e Climate certified carbon offsets to complete an annual third-party verification audit of their carbon offset purchases and sales.

The Verification Process Audit is designed by the Center for Resource Solutions and conducted by an independent certified public accounting firm. The Verification Process Audit uses company contracts, invoices, and billing statements to verify the following:

  • that the provider purchased enough carbon offsets in quantity and type to meet its customer's demand;
  • that the carbon offsets were purchased from endorsed programs and eligible carbon offset project types, as defined in the Green-e Climate Standard and the Green-e Climate Code of Conduct;
  • that the information provided to customers on the Carbon Offset Content Label is accurate;
  • that the carbon offsets purchased and sold by the provider were not sold to more than one customer;
The Green-e Climate Verification Audit Protocol has been designed so to be easily followed by any qualified CPA (see the Audit Protocol for specific qualifications). The Auditors list includes those who have completed the audit in past years and have completed the Auditor Training Session with Green-e Climate Program staff (denoted by "Green-e Climate" under Program).

Marketing Compliance Review

The Marketing Compliance Review (MCR), conducted by Green-e Climate staff, ensures that sellers of certified carbon offsets are abiding by the Green-e Climate Code of Conduct.

During MCR, staff confirms that the carbon offset provider is not making false or misleading statements about their certified product and that they have made accurate disclosures to customers in a standardized format. This review occurs twice a year, in the Spring and Fall. The Green-e Climate Code of Conduct outlines Green-e Climate requirements with regards to MCR, consumer information disclosure, and logo use and language.