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Green-e Energy Certification

Green-e Energy is a voluntary certification program for renewable energy. Green-e Energy sets consumer protection and environmental standards for renewable energy options in three markets - competitive electricity, renewable energy certificates (RECs) and utility green pricing programs. Green-e Energy conducts annual verification on certified options to ensure that they are meeting these standards. Energy options that meet the Green-e Energy National Standard for environmental excellence are eligible to use the Green-e Energy logo to promote their certification. Recent certifications are listed on Press Releases and Advisories.

Pending Certifications

The Sacramento Municipal Utility District ("SMUD") has applied for Green-e Energy certification of its "Greenergy Partner" voluntary renewable electricity program offered to its commercial customers in California. As part of the application process, Green-e Energy is seeking stakeholder feedback on the application and the Greenergy Partner program. Note that this is a new program under SMUD's Greenergy brand and is distinct from SMUD's currently certified "Greenergy Partner Plus" program. Please see the application here:

We are accepting stakeholder comments on the application for twenty-one days—please submit comments to by Monday, December 1, 2014. The Green-e Governance Board will subsequently review application materials and comments received to consider approval of the application. Please note that any comments received may also be posted on the Green-e Energy Certification section of this web site.

Recent Certifications

Great Eastern Energy joined Green-e Energy in January. The company, based in Brooklyn, NY, offers the certified product E-Renewable to its commercial customers in NY, NJ, and MA.

MP2 Energy also joined Green-e Energy in January, and sells its Renewable Power product to its commercial clients. It is based in The Woodlands, TX.

Decertifications Due to Non-Compliance

Clean Currents

Due to Clean Currents' insolvency and closure on January 31, 2014, Green-e Energy has decertified Clean Currents' renewable electricity and REC offerings. Clean Currents is unable to comply with the obligations of its contracts for Green-e Energy certification, including conducting a third-party verification audit of the sales made to customers in 2013 and 2014, and so any renewable energy sold to Clean Currents' customers is not considered Green-e Energy certified for 2013 or 2014. Customers of Clean Currents at the time of closure have been notified per the requirements of the Green-e Energy Code of Conduct and Customer Disclosure Requirements. For more information please contact Alex Pennock, Manager of Green-e Energy, at: verification [at] green-e [dot] org.

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