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Green-e Energy Verification

The Green-e Energy verification process consists of two main elements:

Verification Process Audit

The Verification Process Audit requires providers of retail and wholesale Green-e certified renewable energy products to complete an annual third-party verification audit of their renewable energy purchases and sales.

The Verification Process Audit is designed by the Center for Resource Solutions and conducted by an independent certified public accounting firm. The Verification Process Audit uses company contracts, invoices, and billing statements to verify the following:

  • that the provider purchased enough renewable electricity or RECs in quantity and type to meet its customer demand for each product;
  • that the electricity or RECs were purchased from eligible renewable generators, as defined in the Green‑e Energy National Standard;
  • that the information provided to customers on the product's annual Product Content Label is accurate;
  • that the company did not make any specific purchases of nuclear power;
  • that the renewable electricity or RECs purchased and sold by the provider were not sold to more than one customer;
  • that the provider has purchased no electricity or RECs from fuel sources for which negative marketing claims were made; and
  • that any non-renewable portion of the product meets the emissions requirements set by the Green-e Energy National Standard.
Verification data is submitted and audited using a web-based verification tool. Access is available to Green-e Energy Particiapnts and their auditors.

Attestation Forms, Generators in Tracking Systems, and Auditors

Click here for attestation forms to be used for the Green-e Energy verification process. These forms are also to be used by any entity that has owned RECs and renewable electricity at any point in the chain of custody from the generator through to the entity selling a Green-e Energy certified product.

Click here for a list of renewable energy generation facilities that have submitted Tracking Attestations. Tracking Attestations are signed by generators to streamline the verification of certain facilities' RECs for Green-e Energy purposes. The form is available on the Verification Documents page.

Click here for a list of auditors that have completed at least one satisfactory Verification Process Audit and have agreed to appear on this Web site. Green-e Energy verification protocols are designed so that any licensed Certified Public Accountant or Certified Internal Auditor can perform the audit.

Green-e Energy Annual Verification Report

To see Green-e Verification Reports since 1998, please see the Publications page.

Marketing Compliance Review

The Marketing Compliance Review (MCR), conducted by Green-e Energy staff, ensures that the marketers and utilities offering a renewable energy or renewable energy certificate (REC) product are abiding by the Green-e Energy Code of Conduct.

During MCR, staff confirms that the renewable energy provider is not making false or misleading statements about their product and that they have made pricing, power, and contract disclosure to customers in a standardized format. This review occurs twice a year, in Spring and Fall. The Green-e Energy Code of Conduct outlines Green-e Energy requirements with regards to MCR, consumer information disclosure, and logo use and language.

Program Reminder: The 2015 Historic Product Content Label must be delivered to your 2015 customers by June 30, 2016. For more information, see the Green-e Energy Code of Conduct or the Frequently Asked Questions for the 2014 HPCL.

Spring 2016 Marketing Compliance Review

Solicitation for Spring 2016 MCR has begun. All requested materials are due from participants on semi-annual review by COB February 29, 2016.

Download Instructions for Spring 2016 Marketing Compliance Review
  1. Materials Request Letter. Letter to participants about the MCR process and deliverables.
  2. Materials Checklist and Follow Up Form for Residential Products. Instructions for how and what to submit for MCR.
  3. Green-e Energy Code of Conduct.

Watch the MCR Training Webinar hosted on August 11, 2015. Green-e Energy staff provided an overview of what and how to submit for MCR, and reviewed hot topics relating to marketing compliance. Slides are also available.

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