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Greetings from the Green-e Team!


The Center for Resource Solutions and the Green-e team is proud to announce the launch of Green-e Climate, a certification program for greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions—also known as offsets—sold on the voluntary market. The Green-e Climate Standard has been two years in the making, with numerous comment periods and hundreds of stakeholders involved in its creation.

The market for carbon offsets is growing fast, and it is important to offer consumers assurance that their money is going towards projects that really reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Consumers need a way to make informed choices between different offset products without having to investigate them individually. The Green-e Climate Certified logo on a retail offset means it has undergone a rigorous verification process that guarantees the projects it sources from meet standards for permanence, additionality, and transparency.

Green-e Climate is the first verification program of its kind in the nation, and will begin certifying offsets by February 2008. Check back at the Green-e Climate page for news.

The Green-e News highlights timely Green-e program topics for environmental solutions to global climate change including policy changes, corporate environmental leadership, stakeholder comment periods, and verification updates.  If you know someone that would like to receive the Green-e News, sign up or send an email to Archives can be found on the Green-e Newsletter page.


Green-e Program Updates

Check Out Our New Look

Green-e Logos

With the addition of Green-e Climate to the Green-e family, we knew we needed to make the programs easier to tell apart, so we rebranded them. What you've always known as the Green-e renewable energy certification program is now known as Green-e Energy, and our consumer labeling program for organizations that purchase renewable energy is now called Green-e Marketplace. Check out the revamped Green-e website for more information and one-page flyers you can download to learn more about the programs.


12th National Renewable Energy Marketing Conference a Success!
Thanks to the nearly 400 attendees who gathered in Philadelphia last October for the 12th National Renewable Energy Marketing Conference. Congratulations also to the winners of the 2007 Green Power Leadership Awards, find out more about them on the conference website. This year's conference hasn't been announced yet, but be sure to check the conference website for updates, and join the email list to be kept informed.

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2006 VR2006 Green-e Verification Report Shows Certified Sales Nearly Double Over 2005

The report shows an almost 90 percent increase in total sales volume over the previous year, equivalent to nearly 10 million MWh of renewable energy generation. Nearly 114,000 MWh were purchased or generated by companies participating in Green-e Marketplace, demonstrating their commitment to certified renewable energy.

Download the entire report to learn more.


Green-e Marketplace Featured Company

Green-e Marketplace has been growing strong, with over 60 organizations participating in the program at the beginning of 2008. But one company really shined in 2007, making the largest purchase of renewable energy certificates (RECs) in history. PepsiCo purchased over one million MWh worth of RECs in April of last year, making it the largest buyer of RECs in the U.S. The EPA estimated the purchase was equivalent to the amount of electricity needed to power nearly 90,000 average American homes for a year. The purchase matched the electricity used by all PepsiCo's domestic manufacturing facilities, headquarters, distribution centers, and regional offices.

Here are the more than 60 other participants in Green-e Marketplace.

Americraft LLC
Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters
Baxter Healthcare Corporation
Buywell International Inc
Carolina Plantation Rice
Choice Organic Teas
Curtis Packaging Corporation
DMI Industries
Earth Color
GAR Products
Garden of Life
Globe Lithographing
Graph-Pak Corporation
Graphic Concepts Printing
Grays Harbor Paper
Jon's Pit Stop
J.S. McCarthy Printers
Kelley Stoltz
KFM Foods International
Lundberg Family Farms
Mark Leibowitz Photography, Inc.
Mohawk Fine Papers
Monadnock Paper Mills, Inc. Inc
National Envelope
Neenah Paper
New Leaf Paper
New Resource Bank
Nicholas Earth Printing
Pacon Corporation
Pepsi Americas, Inc.
Pepsi Bottling Ventures LLC
PepsiCo, Inc.
Pizza Fusion
Print Communications Group, Inc.
Sandy Alexander, Inc.
Santa Cruz Organic
Sappi Fine Paper North America
SC Johnson & Son, Inc.
Stoel Rives LLP
Sustainable Hosting, LLC
The Paper Mill
The Pepsi Bottling Group, Inc.
Tom Arma Studio, Inc. and Tom Arma Costumes, Inc.
Vino Noceto Winery
Wells Fargo
WorldWin Papers

Upcoming Events

Green-e staff will speak or exhibit at the following conferences:

FTC: Eco in the Market
January 8 in Washington, D.C.

Utility Communicators International: 
Communication Issues: Green Energy

January 17-18 in San Diego, CA

Clean Air, Mercury, Global Warming & Renewable Energy
January 22-23 in Tucson, AZ

Green Power Marketing & Sustainable Brand Building Summit
January 24-25 in Arlington, Virginia.

Voluntary Carbon Markets New York
February 5-6 in New York, NY

Upcoming Meetings

Carbon Neutral Alliance
Wednesday, January 16th at 10AM Pacific
The Carbon Neutral Alliance's West Coast Launch

Thursday, February 14th at 10AM Pacific
First Quarterly Call of 2008

New Certifications

The Center for Resource Solutions (CRS) welcomes the following new renewable energy products to Green-e Energy:

Clean Currents, LLC offers a renewable energy certificate option, National Wind Energy, to non-residential customers.

Juice Energy offers a renewable energy certificate option, Juice Energy Renewable Energy Certificates, to non-residential customers.

Premier Energy Marketing, LLC offers a renewable energy certificate option, Premier 100% Wind REC, to residential and non-residential customers.

Florida Power & Light offers a renewable energy certificate option, FPL Renewable Energy Credit, to non-residential customers.

Sacramento Municipal Utility District offers a renewable energy certificate option, Wholesale RECs, to non-residential customers.

MotivEarth, LLC has a certification for brokered transactions of renewable energy certificates.

Xcel Energy is offering a new green pricing program, WindSource New Mexico, to customers located in its New Mexico service territory.

Lower Valley Energy is offering a new green pricing program, Green Power, to customers located in its service territory.

AmerenUE is offering a new green pricing program, Pure Power, to customers located in its Missouri service territory.

Reliant Energy is offering a new electricity product, Reliant Renewable Energy Option-Electricity, to its non-residential customers. Reliant Energy has also begun offering a certified renewable energy certificate option, Reliant Renewable Energy Option-REC, to non-residential customers nationwide.

Ambit Energy LP as begun offering two new certified electricity products, Ambit Green Power TX and Ambit Green Power NY, to its Texas and New York customers, respectively.

Commerce Energy has begun offering a certified electricity product, Clear Choice All-In, to its residential and non-residential customers in Texas.

Green-e and CRS in the News!
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  • Green-e at-a-Glance
    2006 Green-e Energy Highlights

  • Sales of Green-e Certified renewable energy reached nearly 10 million MWh, almost 90 percent greater than 2005.
  • Sales of Green-e Certified RECs reached almost 8.8 million MWh in 2006, double the year before.
  • 208,000 residential customers and almost 7,000 commercial customers across the U.S. and Canada purchased Green-e Certified renewable energy.
  • The total purchases of Green-e Certified renewable energy in 2006 displaced over 4.8 million tons of carbon dioxide that would have been emitted by an equivalent amount of system power.
  • Green-e CRS