Green-e Energy Tracking Attestations Received

The following renewable electricity generation facilities are registered in an approved electronic tracking system. They have all submitted Tracking Attestations to Green-e Energy, and, based on the information provided on these attestations, have been deemed by Green-e Energy staff to meet the eligibility criteria in the Green-e Energy National Standard; however, Green-e Energy does not certify these or any other generation facilities.

If renewable MWh from these facilities is used in Green-e Energy certified renewable energy products, tracking system retirement or transfer reports may be used to substantiate sales of the renewable attributes. Some facilities' entries indicate the Tracking Attestaion Start and End Date. This indicates that the Tracking Attestation they have signed is effective over that generation period only, and that only renewable MWh generated during that period may be used in Green-e Energy certified sales. The vintage rules spelled out in the Green-e Energy National Standard still apply.

See the Attestation Forms page for a copy of the Tracking Attestation that must be used by facilities applying for eligibility.

The list is best viewed using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome web browsers. If using Internet Explorer, please enable "Capatibility View" in the address bar. The list will be updated periodically, as new Tracking Attestations are accepted.

***NOTE for RGGI facilities***
Factilities listed below in a state participating in the Reginal Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGG) are subject to additional eligibility criteria based on the RGGI state into which their RECs are sold. Listing below does not guarantee eligibility for use in all Green-e Energy certified sales. See Appendix A of the Green-e Energy National Standard for details. The 9 states participating in RGGI are Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont.

***NOTE for 2015 Verification***
For Green-e Energy participants using the Bulk Upload feature of the verification software, a static table of approved facilities can be used to provide partial facility data on tracked and approved facilities, to complete the annual verification worksheet. A Reporting Year 2015 version is available for verification data preparation: February 2016 Approved Facilities List. Last updated February 26, 2016.


* Hydropower facilities indicated with an asterisk are repowered and subject to changes under Version 2.3 of the National Standard that limit their eligibility to certain generation dates and Green-e Energy participants. See the "Clarification on Treatment of Repowered Hydropower Facilities" documents on the Standards and Governing Documents page.

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